One or more pages are in use and could not be deleted

Just installed Acrobat X Pro, updated to 10.1.2. Computer is running Windows XP. Previous version of Acrobat was 8 Pro. I'm trying to delete a page in a PDF. I get the error message "One or more pages are in use and could not be deleted." Page does not delete, but sometimes the thumbnail page NUMBER deletes and all page numbers move up one. One time it deleted a totally other page that wasn't selected. Have tried saving and reopening file. Have tried several ways of deleting the page (select thumbnail, press Delete; extract & delete page; select thumbnail, Edit, Delete; Ctrl+Shift+D, specify page #). Acrobat has crashed several times trying to do this. I really need to delete this page.

Daniel Occoquan

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ok, finally got it deleted. Closed Acrobat, closed Windows Explorer, reopened Acrobat using Acrobat program icon, opened file by using menu File, Open. Page deleted fine.

Then another page wouldn't delete. Repeated process above. Page deleted. But now in thumbnail view the viewable area doesn't change when I click various places on the thumbnail, I have to actually move the page itself on the screen for the thumbnail viewing area to change.

I hope these problems don't keep recurring, this is simple stuff, deleting pages, and something I need to do often. Also, handy to be able to move viewing area by clicking on thumbnail.

By Daniel Occoquan   

Adobe, at least the Acrobat side of their business continues to let me down. They release software without throughly testing it. Some of the simpliest tasks are overlooked. Bugs are reported and eventually fix only to find the same bug back in the software at a later time. The Acrobat team should start meeting with the Photshop side of the business to determine how they are so successful in releasing SOUND software. Come on Adobe!

Terry Hart   

Update Acrobat to latest version, then [Shift][Right-Click] and run Acrobat as Administrator.
This helped with Windows 7 as well. Too bad Adobe can't program for Windows properly.

Tom Lynch   

I've been plagued by this problem for YEARS and have just stumbled over a workaround.

The secret is NOT to save the document until you've finished ALL of your page-deleting OR page-inserting operations. Yes, this runs counter to sensible computing practice, but it does work. Just do all of those operations on the file and save at the end. Sure, it's tense and bit nerve-wracking, but most will agree that that maddening "pages in use" message is equally nerve-wracking, with no payoff.

I managed to finish complex page edits to 29 files yesterday evening in about 2 hours with only one restart. Before discovering this workaround,I was resigned to spending all night. Hope this helps someone. Oh and thanks for the exceptionally poor product support, Adobe. This kind of gyration should not be necessary in a prouduct that costs as much as Acrobat.

Mark Tangard   

I've found that this happens with really large files where Acrobat is still rendering a page. Once Acrobat finishes rendering the page, you can delete it. Sometimes it means watching system resource monitor for Acrobat to stop hogging CPU/Disk/Memory, and making sure the page has completely rendered. Then I delete the page.

Elizabeth Scrofano   

When you want to delete a range of slides, or even a single slide, click outside the range or slide and use the Delete command. It seems that if a slide in the range is selected, you will not be able to delete, even thought it shows you the option. Instead, when the dialog box comes up, enter the range that you want to delete.

Edward Crane   

After years of working with Adobe Acrobat X without any problem what so ever, I now out of a sudden experience the same "page in use" problem when trying to delete pages.

I am working on a 3,3 MB file of 35 pages, many of them holding pictures.

I tried various workarounds as mentioned above. Which did not work. Finally I found a workaround that works for me: First I move the pages that should be deleted to the end of the document. Then I use the command "Split document", setting the size of the parts to 33 pages. That way Acrobat splits my document after Page 33, thus separating the two pages that are to be deleted into a separate document, and the first document is now clean of the two pages.

I hope I will not have to use this method often... but at least it works.

Christian Geiselmann   

In Acrobat XI this hasn't been an issue, very nice not to have to restart Acrobat just to delete pages.

Daniel Occoquan   

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