One can use the backslash before the '.' and use hierarchical fields names with simplified field notation.

The Simplified field notation calculation option can use hierarchal field names and field names with spaces by using the JavaScript escape character, the backslash, "\". The code behind the simplified field notation is JavaScript and it parses, evaluates, the entry to determine field names and values. Field name must start with an alphabetic character and values must be numeric values only. The parsing process separates the entry by searching for white space characters (space, period, coma, colon, semicolon, etc) and then testing the identified "words". If one wants the JavaScript to treat a space or period as part of the word and not as white space, one needs to precede the space or period with the backslash character.

George Kaiser

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This is an useful advice.

The question is whether it is actually worthwile bothering with the Simplified Field Notation, and not get into it and use JavaScript right away, considering the much wider possibilities one has. The effort to get simplified notation to actual JavaScript may not be neglected.

As always in such situations, "it depends"…

Max Wyss   

This is a really useful advice!


JR Boulay   

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