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I am using adobe acrobat pro v 10.1.5 but it gives an error "acrobat could not perform recognition ocr on this page because this page contains renderable text" on all pdf that I open with, even on pdf that open them with out error before. by this error it shows the fonts with low quality.please tell me what should I do to make it correct?

ali hasanzadeh

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To add a bit more, to help fix the quality of the text you would need to go into Edit >Preferences > Page Display and mess around with the Resolution and Rendering settings to improve the quality. However, if you are getting these documents from a scanner, you would have to fine tune it so you can get the best quality.

By Michael Anderson   

This not an "error"; rather it is akin to an "alert".
When Acrobat's OCR is run over PDF pages if there is any renderable text on the PDF page OCR cannot process that page.
Provided a given page's content is only image of textual content OCR can process the page.
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David Austin   

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