Not able to submit the fillable form created using acrobat 9 professional livecycle

I created a fillable form using acrobat professional 9 (LiveCycle)
The actual requirements are:
1. Users should be able to fill the form with Reader X.
2. Form should be submitted through outlook email.
3. When the SUBMIT BY EMAIL button is clicked, it should open up the outlook NEW EMAIL window with the TO address, SUBJECT and default message already filled in. The completed form should be attached as PDF.
The form that I created is showing some issues when submitted from a computer that have 9 professional installed. When the SUBMIT BY EMAIL button is clicked, it opens up the outlook email page, with everything except SUBJECT filled in. The SUBJECT is displayed when the send button is clicked but the email is not being sent. Clicking again on the button also makes not change. Outlook OUTBOX receives the email. But it’s not sent.
With Adobe Reader (if only Reader X is installed) and with previous versions of Adobe (both reader and acrobat professional) it’s working fine.
I tried using a regular SUBMIT button by adding additional functions. But that too didn’t work.
Can somebody help me with this?

Please note - my OS is Windows 7

Jacob Mathew

1 Answer

Hi Jacob,

Check the settings in Outlook (Tools-Options, Mail Setup) and see if the checkbox for Send Immediately When Connected is checked. The Submit by email button in the PDF form simply adds the attached PDF to an email in the Outbox- it doesn't actually cause OutLook to send it- when it is sent is based on how Outlook is set up.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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