No pages selected printing error

after installing the most recent update, I can't print any PDF documents now! SOS!

Upon selecting Print, it starts to queue it up then says "document unable to be printed" then "no pages selected to print"

This is not helpful as I have tried SEVERAL times on different documents and ensure the Print menu is appropriately filled out with the pages needed to be printed and it still will not print them.

Double SOS - any advice out there?

Michelle A

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If you are on Windows, open up your application preferences, then go to the "Security (Enhanced)" category and deselect "Protected View". If you are on a Mac, unfortunately, the only workaround is to "print as image" - you can select that after clicking on the "Advanced" button on the print dialog.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Thank you for that tip, while in a PDF document, I went into Edit then Preferences and deselected "enable Protected Mode at start up" and that did the trick. Hopefully this will not cause any security issues down the path... with thanks!

Michelle A   

First let me state that this is my solution on a Macintosh running 10.7.5 and Acrobat Pro X (with all the latest updates).

This problem started for me just this last weekend. I have been to every so-called solution that I could find via a Google search and NONE of these "solutions" even by the self-tagged "experts" work. PERIOD!

I decided to follow one suggestion to install Acrobat Pro 9. However, instead of uninstalling Acrobat Pro X first, I left it installed.

During the initial startup of Acrobat 9 after installation I was offered the option of installing an Extra feature called Adobe PDF Printer which allows me to "Create Adobe PDF files from any application by printing to Adobe PDF Printer". I opted in to that extra.

Once Acrobat Pro 9 had started I tested it using one of the PDF files that had failed to print with the dreaded "No pages selected......" error messages. THE FILE PRINTED AS EXPECTED!

I then decided I would uninstall Acrobat Pro X, but on a whim decided to try to print the same PDF file that had just printed using Acrobat Pro 9 one more time. IT PRINTED!

All I can figure out is that somehow selecting the option to have Acrobat Pro 9 install the option for allowing other applications to create a PDF repaired something within the Mac operating system. Just a guess.

Hope this helps someone.

Slayton Shaw   

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