NEED to merge digitally signed documents

I know how to create a portfolio. I know the digital bytes are changed if you edit a document. However my NEED doesn't change. I have daily 3 to 10 documents that I must sign digitally (because of what it printsout, not the tech), that then as ONE file must be uploaded onto a website. No one validates the signature, it is printed. But the upload requires what portfolio does not allow... reading it as one document with x# of pages within it. Please help me figure out what should be a simple work around.

Robin McMahan

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If you just need the appearance that the digital signature provides, consider using a stamp instead. You'll then be able to combine multiple documents into a single PDF easily.

By George Johnson   

The digital signaure is desinged to detect any cahnge to a PDF and applies to the entire individual PDF. Any change to that PDF will invalidate teh signature.

As mentioned you could use a stamp and then digtially sign the merged PDF or remove the signature from each PDF, merge the PDFs and then digitally sign the merged PDF.

George Kaiser   

... or you could take the individually signed documents and add them as individual attachments to the master document.. then sign the whole thing. You could even add links from the master document to each of the attachments to improve navigation.

Douglas Hanna   

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