My fillable form pdf is not allowing user input into the fields

I've created a fillable form from an existing document using Acrobat XI Pro, saved it, then previewed it but it isn't allowing me to preview how the text and other fields will look in a completed document. Do you have to enable user 'rights'to allow them to fill in the form?

Michelle Lawrence

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What application are you using to "preview" the file?


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Different PDF viewers come with a different level of support for certain PDF features. Your best bet is to use only Adobe viewers (Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader) to fill out your form. With those, you should be able to see all fields and also be able to fill in data.

You do not have to save the file with extended Reader rights is you are using the free Reader XI to process the form. Reader XI can save a filled in form. For older versions of Reader, you will have to reader enable the document (see for information about licensing limitations when you do that).

If you are opening the file in a non-Adobe Reader, the functionality you encounter ranges from "will ignore all interactive features" to "almost no difference to Adobe PDF viewer". What exactly you will experience depends on what application you are using. Some viewers will actually destroy the PDF file (see for more information about one bad example).

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