Multiple Computers with Acrobat X! Pro

I use three computers (home, work and on the road). Can Acrobat XI Pro be installed on all three?

Louis Harvey

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The license allows for it to be installed on 2 computers. Acrobat Help has this to say about activation, U.S.:

"A single-user retail license activation supports two computers. For example, you can install the product on a desktop computer at work and on a laptop computer at home. If you want to install the software on a third computer, you must first deactivate it on one of the other two computers. Choose Help > Deactivate."

You can find a copy of the license under the Acrobat application install location folder Legal and there will folders for various countries and languages. Look under Software License Section 2. for the exact details for your country and language.

By George Kaiser   

Can I buy a 2nd license and install it on my 3rd and 4th computers and register it under my same Adobe account ? Meaning I own 2 licenses of the same software.

Basically buying 2 copies, having 2 different license key, installing on 4 computers, and registering both to my same Adobe account. Is this allowed ? Or do I need to register 2nd license with a different account ?

I have 4 computers, and 2 users, me and my wife.

Kevin Lau   

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