Missing letters and characters from converted/combined files

We regularly convert/combine multiple files into one larger .pdf file using Acrobat X. The resulting document is emailed to recipients who open it on iPads using an app called iAnnotate. Frequently there are letters and other characters that are missing when the document is opened in this app. Letters also go missing when we open the file on our PCs, too, but not with the same frequency.

We have tried "pre-converting" the documents into .pdf before combining them. We have tried using the "Reduced Size PDF" save option in Acrobat X. We have also tried using a different .pdf converter (like Bullzip) before combining them. We can usually get all the letters to show up on our PC version, but nothing has proven fully successful when opening on the iPad.

Any ideas for a solution to our missing letters?

Peggy Mouse

2 Answers

Were all the fonts embedded into the PDFs?

George Kaiser   

If you are still looking for a solution, I may have a workaround for you to fix these problem:


Karl Heinz Kremer   

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