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I need to change my Login Name in "Identity", but it it telling me to go online & change the information, but I cannot find how. If I change my name under "Identity", how do I get it to take that?

Stephany Rudnik

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Hi Stephany,

If you mean the Identity in Adobe Reader you can change that under Edit ->Preferences, then go to the Identity entry under Categories (on the left side of the dialog window).

Edit- Sorry I am wrong on the above- the "Login name" is automatically taken from whatever you have it set as on your computer. If you want to change that you need to change your User Name for your computer, or account on that computer.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

By Dimitri Munkirs   

The login name is read only and provided by the Operating System. If you want it to change the login name provided, you must login under that User name.

Once logged on under the other name, you will need to enter the "identity" properties like user name, email address, corporation, etc you want associated wtih that login name.

George Kaiser   

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