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I know that I can select the hand tool once a document is open, but I need to default to hand tool when I open.
I have tried selecting the hand tool, closing the document and reopening, it still is defaulting to the text select tool.
I need to know if the hand tool can be made default?
I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro on Windows XP

Valerie Piper

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The problem is in the Accessibility Setup. I was annoyed by this behavior also. I recently had to re-install the program and it defaulted to the select tool ever since then. I remembered that when first running the program after installation it launches the Accessibility Setup Wizard. If you take the defaults you will get the Select Tool by default.

Look under Preferences – Accessibility and uncheck “Always display the keyboard selection cursor”. Then select the Hand Tool. Then close the program. I have opened and closed Acrobat multiple times with multiple documents and the Hand Tool now remains the default.

By George L Robinson   

Just enable the Single Key Accelerators. Then you could press H and the hand tool will be selected.

Gilad D (try67)   

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