Main Page not displaying links for forums?

I don't know where to put this so I'm just going to put in Accessibility.

I have a bookmark to the main page for this website and I usually use the pathway Get Help>Browse Solutions to get to the forums here, I'm not sure if this is limited to myself but for me at the moment I cannot access these forums from the main page, it works fine when I get to the forums but on the main page these following links in the dropdown are not available;
- Ask Questions
- Answer Questions
- Browse Solutions
- Find Experts
I am also using Chrome

Whether this is intended or not I do not know but I've now bookmarked the main forum page as I had to scroll into my history to get back here.
If this isn't intentional I'd just like to notify someone who perhaps helps develop the webpage or knows someone who does.

Alex Horsfield

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It seems the cat is out of the bag, although there isn't an official notice yet...

These forums are going to be disabled soon, unfortunately.


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By Gilad D (try67)   

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