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Just a few weeks ago, my MS Outlook e-mail stopped letting me preview .pdf files. Without fully opening the e-mail, I used to be able to click on " Preview File ", and the attached pdf would be displayed under the senders name. Anyway, now when I click " Preview File ", I get a message back from MS Outlook saying that, " the pdf could not be previewed because of an error with the following previewer :"

Adobe PDF Preview Handler

I'd really like to get that feature back in my e-mail. Construction industry is my work. Please HELP ! I can be e-mailed at [personal information removed-mod.]

Peter Wilson

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Are you using Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Reader on this computer? Which version? Have you tried to re-install Acrobat or Reader? Do you have a 32 or 64bit system?

Here is a link to an article that describes one potential fix:

And another one:

By Karl Heinz Kremer   

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