Locking subforms which are part of a dropdown list

I have a drop-down form in livecycle designer ES2 which offers three options. Each option is a subform. How do I lock the dropdown once the option has been chosen so that the subforms can no longer be edited? One of the subforms is a custom entry option.

Nellie van Donkersgoed

1 Answer

The "access" property controls access to the fields within a subform. This value must be set from a script. For example, if the subform is named "Option1" then this code would lock access to the fields in that subform.

Option1.access = "readOnly"

The code will work in either JavaScript or FormCalc. The same value should also be applied to the drop down.

Without detailed info on your form I couldn't suggest an event on which to place the code. It sounds like you have a complex situation to resolve. The fields should be locked as soon as they are properly filled in and not before. There should also be a way to unlock the form.

Thom Parker   

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