LiveCycle Designer dynamic table with user selectable number of rows

Can you help me find this tutorial?

I recently saw a tutorial on the web that explains how to make a table in LiveCycle Designer that allows the user to tell the form how many rows to include in the table. I'm pretty sure it used some javascript to set the Initial Count field based on the user input.

Elisabeth McClure

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I finally found the answer here:

You have to set up a numeric field (numfieldname) for the user to enter the number of desired rows, and a button to click. Here's the javascript needed for the button click:

var v_rows = this.parent.numfieldname.rawValue;


// Replace FormName, PageName, TableName, RowName, etc. with the names for your form

You also have to make sure that
1) the fields under "Repeat Row for Each Data Item" on the Binding tab for the repeating row have been activated.
2) On File > Form Properties, Default tab, you select Dynamic XML Form on the PDF Render Format dropdown list.
3) On File > Form Properties, Preview tab, you have selected Dynamic XML Form on the Preview Adobe XML Form As dropdown list.

By Elisabeth McClure   

Hi Elisabeth,

You dont say how recently you saw that video, but this site underwent a redesign a while ago and there were several great on-demand seminars on developing LiveCycle Designer PDF forms that are no longer here :( It is too bad because they covered great material. I don't see anything in the Learning Center here now that covers that topic.

Hope this helps,

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