Live cycle 8.2 Linking fields to the master page

I have a word converted document in Live Cycle. I want a field in the design view page to link to a field in the master page. I have set the field up to work in the design view page. However, as soon as I cut and paste the field (calculated) into the master, I get "Script failed (language is form calc..)" and "accessor TextField1.rawValue is unknown" errors.

jon lewis

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.rawValue is JavaScript syntax, but you have the language set to FormCalc. In the Script Editor change the language to JavaScript.

Also make sure that the relative reference from the Master Page to the TextField on the Design Page is correct.

There is another option that does not require scripting at all. If you name the corresponding objects on BOTH the Master Page and the Design Page the same name. Then in the Object > Binding palette, set the binding to Global. Now whatever is typed into one field will be automatically refelected in the other, without any script. You might want to set the access to one of the fields to read only in the Object > Value palette.

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By Niall ODonovan   

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