Linking PDFs within a Portfolio

I've been creating cross links between pdf files within a Portfolio in Acrobat 9 with ease. However, now that I'v upgraded to Adobe X the link between pdfs don't work reliably.

Here's what I do.
1. Portfolio with one pdf document "map" (showing how all the core documents work together, like a document tree) and multiple folders storing the core pdf documents.
2. Create a link from the map pdf that takes the user to the specified core pdf.
3. Create a link from the core pdf back to the map pdf.
4. Now I have two links to help the user identify the document they need in the map pdf, click on it, open the core pdf, and read the document. Then there is a link on that pdf that will take them back to the map pdf to search through other documents.

The problem I have is when I click the link in the core pdf to go back to the map pdf, Acrobat shows the map pdf for a split second and then it disappears.

Gene Harriman

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