Keep getting Acrobat Distiller Error 5 everytime my computer turns on and I try to print a PDF...PLEASE HELP!!!

Everytime my computer turns on or I try to print a pdf document I get this message:

Acrobat Distiller:

Unable to create the temporary folder.
Error 5 - Access is Denied.

This is a fairly recent problem started about a week ago and I can't figure out why. I performed a system restore on my computer and the issue was still not fixed. I would really appreciate if someone could explain to me why this happened and how to fix it. Thanks so much in advance!

Mona R

6 Answers

Are you printing to postscript and then dropping it in distiller into a hot folder. If so where is that hot folder?

Or Are you printing from acrobat or trying to create a PDF from another program. If so, where exactly are you trying to target the printed PDF to?

Sean Mitchell   

Im trying to print from acrobat and adobe reader. And I try to print to PDF.

Mona R   

What are the version of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are you using?

Unless they are X and both fully updated, I would uninstall Reader.

George Kaiser   

I have Adobe Reader X and Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard and both are updated.

Mona R   

And Adobe recommends against using mixed versions of Acrobat.

Uninstalll Reader and repair Acrobat and see if that fixes your problem.

Acrobat and Reader share many files but they can be different for different versions so have mixed versions can easily result in the wrong code being run to perform a given task.

George Kaiser   

I uninstalled both and reinstalled Acrobat but I still get the same error message.

Mona R   

Please specify a reason: