Is the a way to stop adobe from verifying all signatures on a document?

I have student packets consisting of 24 pages with each page being signed twice. Towards the end of the signing process... one or two new signatures can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Steven Gnau

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Sorry about the delay in replying, been trying desperately hard to find out the answer and give you some advice and think I have got there!

Alot of the info i got was from here and there is some good points in here, they covered everything

When you sign a document in Acrobat, it uses it Default Security Method (that is set in the Preferences) that automatically verifys every signature. The only way to stop this is by a third-party plug-in (for example, and i believe you could possible edit the registry (Windows) to enable this.

Im afraid you are stuck with the slow process unless you buy a third-party plug-in, I could not find a price unfortunately. I have attached some good links that could be of interests. The approved-trust-list link claim it is easy to use, but dont think it will be cheap.

On a final note, have you thought about splitting the document to either sections or pages and creating a Portfolio with the individual PDF, this will retain the signatures as creating a merged file will remove them again. You do need Acrobat/Reader 9 to view this but it could be an option.

Sorry i couldn't get you an easy answer but at least you know it cant be done in Acrobat without investing.


By Sean Mitchell   

What you can do which might help is turn off the "Verifiy signature when the document is Opened" which is found in Security Tab in the Preferences. This will help speed things up abit. This option is enabled as default.

Sean Mitchell   

I have that option checked which does indeed speed up the opening process; however, i still have the major bog down of each signature beig reverified when a new signature is present. But thank you for your input.

Steven Gnau   

Hi, In the trusted identities of the certificates, what is the trust settings for these certificates? Is is set to "Use this certificate to a trusted root" If not, if its appropriated to you, give it a try and see if that speeds things up any. This can be found in Edit – Protection -, manage trusted Identities. Click on the name that appear, select Details, then in the next dialogue box, select Trust and the "Use this certificate to a trusted root" will be either ticked on unticked.

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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