Is there a way to only print the form field data in Adobe Reader.

We created a form in Acrobat X Standard and the form field data can be printed onto a preprinted form. But when I only the same form in Acrobat Reader it does not give us the same option. Is there a way the form can be setup to work with field printing only for Adobe Reader?


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No, that is a feature of the full Acrobat product.

It is possible in LiveCycle Designer to design a form so only the form field data is only printable but there is no option for to be able to print the body content of the PDF.

George Kaiser   


This is easy, even with Acrobat : put all graphics elements (other than form fields) on a not-printable layer.
That's all !


JR Boulay   

Sorry, I forgot the link :


JR Boulay   

And another very old trick (developed at Acrobat 3 times) is to add a text or button field with white background, and read-only of the size of the page, set it to hidden on screen, visible on print, and then make it the first field in the tab order.

You may, however, be careful with your printer settings (scaling and centering) if you want to print onto preprinted stock.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

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