Is it possible to find a (stolen) computer serial number with Adobe products licenses codes registered for it ?

My Macbook pro (with a Bootcamp part) has been stolen. I cannot retrieve the papers with its serial number. I wonder if something is possible with the licences num. of several Adobe products registered for this computer. (This is for my insurance company).

joelle hemono olsen

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As noted Adobe can provide you with the serial numbers of the Adobe products you have brought. I do not believe Adobe nor Apple track the serial numbers of computers. They may make a unique ID for each computer based on some internal hardware and some internal serial numbers, but not the same as the external serial number.

By George Kaiser   

Check the "my products" section in your Adobe Account:

If you've registered your copy of Acrobat with Adobe, you can retrieve the serial number from there.

For anything else, you will have to contact Adobe's support: (don't use any of the "Forum" options, otherwise you will end up here again)

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