Install Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01) on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit Fails

I'm trying to install Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01) on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. I have Norton Internet Security Version as my antivirus. I go to the site and click "Download now" and then select "run" as it downloads, Norton indicates that it is doing a security scan. Norton reports that the installer is safe and Windows gives me the dialog asking if I want this program to make changes to my system. I click yes and nothing happens. I look where the installer was downloaded to, and it has been deleted. What is keeping if from installing? What do I need to configure on my system. I went through the trouble shooter, ad all the settings were already correct.

John Malin

2 Answers

Have you tried turning off Norton Antivirus while installing?

Are you logged in as the administrator?

George Kaiser   

I am logging in as administrator and I have tried turning off Norton. I get the same results. When the installer actually runs, it must be failing in some way that is not being reported to the screen and then it cleans up after itself by deleting the installer. Is there an error log file that is created somewhere that might indicate the failure?

John Malin   

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