Inserting a Jpeg image into my pdf.

I'm using Acrobat Pro 9 and I want to insert an image into my pdf. I found instructions that I go to Comment & Markup>Stamps>Create Custom Stamp and it works fine as long as I use a *.png format picture.

If I try to use a jpeg, jpg or gif file I get an error message that
the input file is corrupted or one of a non-supported format.

Funny thing is, I can take the same jpg file and change the file extension to .png and it works fine.

Why doesn't Pro take a jpg file?

Mike Edwards

1 Answer


the best way in acrobat 9 to insert any image, and the jpg is to the touch up object tool (view - toolbars - advanced editing) select the tool and ctrl click on the page and choose insert image. You can the scale it position it move it crop it etc

hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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