Incorporating scanned signature in document (Acrobat X Stdrd)

I have a scanned signature that I've added to my letters for years using Adobe. I upgraded to Acrobat X Standard six months ago. I got the scanned signature working using the "place signature" command (don't remember how). However, I just switched computers and when I reloaded Acrobat, I can't seem to get it to work. I keep getting all of the digital ID-type options, and I don't need that. Can anyone help? Thx in advance

John Pierce

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Thanks for the assistance. While there is now the need to add a password, using this tutorial got me what I wanted:

By John Pierce   

If you're asking about setting up a custom signature appearance, select: Edit > Preferences > Security > Digital Signatures > Appearance > New | Edit > Configure Graphic

George Johnson   

If you want a facsimile image, then you need to make a custom stamp.

George Kaiser   

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