In XI the option of "I need to Sign" doesn's show up in my sign panel, only "work with Certificates" appears in th

I used to be able to select "Sign" and "I need to sign" would open in my Sign Panel but after an upgrade to our system that is no longer an option. When I select "Sign" now, the only option that shows in the sign panel is "Work with Certificates". I need the ability to sign electronically. I am using version XI.

Kevin Bridges

5 Answers

If you use any device for this purpose, make sure that drivers for that device are installed on your system.

Muhammad Irfan   

What version of Reader is this (you can look under Help > About Reader)? It almost sounds as if your version of Reader was downgraded to an eariler version that didn't include this capability.

Lori Kassuba   

If the document is Reader-enabled, this option will not be available. It also won't be available if the document has security restrictions.

George Johnson   

I am seeing this as well. We are using Reader and Acrobat v11.0.06. In Reader, all the options for Sign exist. In Acrobat however, the only option under Sign is "Work with Certificates". This can be noticed as soon as Acrobat is opened, with no PDF selected to be opened.

Asok Strain   

Has your installer been customized by your IT department at all? Sometimes IT groups remove external functionality like EchoSign or

Lori Kassuba   

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