In Adobe X Pro, what is FIPS mode?

Whenever I try to save changes to a form, I receive this message: "The document could not be saved. Use of non FIPS cryptography is not permitted while in FIPS mode."
What does this mean and is there anything I can do to get out of FIPS mode or use FIPS cryptography?

Brad Anderson

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Thank you for the answers so far. I am on a military network. The fix for us is a little involved:
regedit; HKEY_CURRENT_USER; Software; Adobe; Adobe Acrobat; 10.0; AVGeneral >
bFIPSMode - change from (1) to (0)

By Brad Anderson   

Are you using a version purchased by the U.S. Federal Government?

FIPS 140-2

George Kaiser   

We are getting the same error and yes we are using the Goverment purchased version Adobe Pro X (ver. 10.1.4).

Franklin Valerio   

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