I get a vertical line down the center of my scans. How do I remove?

When scanning a document, the digital copy has a black vertical line down the center (that is not on the original). What causes this and how do I remove?

Harry Hufft

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Your question does not state when the verticle line appears. If it's in the scanned image, then its a scanner issue. If it appears only when the scanned image is printed, then it's in the printer hardware and has happened quite often in the past. Correcting the printer problem may not be worth the trouble and money since printer prices for a decent printer are even below $100!

By Chris Coddington   


It sounds like a scanner issue…

JR Boulay   

Are you talking about a blank line that appears when you view the document in 2-page view in Acrobat/Reader? If so, it can't be removed, but it's just a visual aid, it's not actually part of the file.


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Gilad D (try67)   

Since the problem is in scanned images (and will then be in printed images also), talk first with the your scanners support people. There may be a kit for repairing this hardware problem. If your scanner is over 5 years old, you may want to consider a new scanner. Such consideration may become even more advisable if you are in a high usage situation. As with printers, stand-alone scanner prices are quite low.

As I'm sure you are aware, there is a beast called "all-in-one" where the printer has facilities for Copy, Scan and Print. Some have Fax also. All those uses have in common the need to have a flat bed usable by Copy, Scan and Fax if included. You should be able to get a good AIO for under $200.

Let us know how this turns out. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Chris Coddington   

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