I can't verify or conform a pdf to pdf/a

We are using Acrobat Pro X and can't seem to successfully convert documents to pdf/a (1a, 1b, etc.). When we use File | Save As | More Options | pdf/a we receive a message that says (essentially) that the document had been saved but that it could "...not be converted according to the standard profile" and to use Preflight. But, running Preflight fails as well. We are presented with the message: "CIDset in subset is incomplete". But, it is for standard fonts (Arial and Times New Roman). Plus, the fonts ARE embedded. So, I am confused as to what else we should do to get these documents converted. Any assistance would be great. Thanks!

Aaron Barbee

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It means that the fonts were adding in a way that is perfectly fine for "regular" PDF but not good enough for archival PDF (PDF/A).

Make sure you are up to date with all the latest 10.x patches for Acrobat as some of this has been improved as well to enable more files to convert.

By Leonard Rosenthol   

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