I want my text for a Print On Demand (POD) book to be jet black, not be a combination of colors, is that offered?

At least one of the POD printers told me Good Luck when I said that my type in Word was jet black on white on the screen but in an Acrobat reader PDF screen the type was a very dark blue and the edges of the bold type (quotes), again a very dark blue, weren't crisp and sharp. If Adobe's Acrobat PDF black is a combo of colors I can see where that would put the printing cost up.

Harry Coleman

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MS Word is RGB based, so "pure black" text/objects created in Word are 0r0g0b values. Using Acrobat Pro or other PDF software, it is possible to convert 0r0g0b text to 0cmy100k:


This feature is also offered in some Acrobat Pro Preflight Profiles.

That being said, just because the input may be 0cmy100k does not mean that the output will be these values.

By Stephen Marsh   


Harry Coleman   

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