I am getting a save error on find highlight and extract words

Hi Lori,
I'm looking to save the extracted page as a PNG to create a thumbnail image. Can you tell me how I can modify your awesome script to save as PNG? Also I'm getting a save error, invalid cPath unless I specifically select a new path when running your action script. Any ideas?
I am using adobe dc (desktop trial).


Joy Hanawa

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The vast majority of directory systems do not allow punctuation characters as part of the directory name. You need to provide a directory name that follows Acrobats UNC, Universal Naming Convention, or use the UI to select an existing "safe" directory.

By George Kaiser   

My folder name started with !!, when I renamed my folder I stopped getting the save error. I'm still looking for a way to automatically save the extracted file as a PNG.

Joy Hanawa   

You can use the saveAs method to convert a PDF to a PNG file, by specifying the cConvID property to be "com.adobe.acrobat.png".


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