I get "operation failed" when trying to use the attach to email button adobe 9.0.

I recieve an email with a PDF attachment. I double click the attachment and it open in Adobe Acrobat 9. I want to forward the email to another destination so I click on the Mail button in Acrobat to attach to email. It give me a small box stating "Operation Failed". We are not on an Exchange server and are using Outlook 2003.

Scott Orr

3 Answers

What happens when you close the document in Acrobat and forward the message from the mail client?

It could be that the mail client somehow blocks the file.

Also, what happens when you download/save the mail attachment to your local volume and open it from there?

Max Wyss   

Is Outlook 2003 set to be your default mail program?

Michael Kazlow   

Try enabling Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2003.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select Tools > Email Accounts.
  3. Select "View or change existing email account".
  4. Click Next and select Email Account.
  5. Click Change.
  6. Select Use cached exchange mode.
  7. Click Next and then click Finish.

Lori Kassuba   

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