I'm having a problem with Acrobat and Flash when viewing portfolios

I usually update any Adobe product as soon as I receive a notice of an available update as they (Adobe) have had significant security issues in the past. After the most recent update, I received a pop up message when I open any portfolio that indicates I need to download and install separate flash software. It indicates this software used to be integrated within Acrobat, but is no longer. As a result, I cannot see more than one of the documents in the portfolio, or at least have not found a way yet to do so. I can create a portfolio, but upon completion I cannot see the components of it as in the past. With some work, I can get to one document, presumably the first, but cannot see or access any others.

Since discovery of this I have been combining documents using the other option so that I can refer to the document if necessary. However, I am having difficulty in working with portfolios I had created for my work in process.

I am a little confused about why I can’t view the portfolio as I have an updated version of the flash software on the computer as it is necessary to open many web pages and some log in procedures require having the flash software installed.

Stanley Nickerson

1 Answer

You need to download a completely new flash player that is dedicated to adobe Reader and acrobat. It can be found here

I dont think this is great, as i to, can no longer view portfolios in Acrobat 9. I use it mainly for a batch sequence command that works better in 9. It is now effectively useless. I cant download the Flash player as im running 0S10.5.8 and not 10.6 that is required:–(

However it does view correctly in Acrobat X, as the Flash player is still built into X, but for some reason, the reason I dont know, has been stripped from Acrobat/Reader 9.

I just hope my audience has Reader 10 too, as I have created lots of interactive PDF eMags in the past that have lots of Flash embedded :(

Sorry but hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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