I loose tools in PDF/A view, Never view= a black page Acrobat V8.1.2

Acrobat 8.1.2. In viewing PDF/A Always or only PDF/A, I loose features-forms, add/remove pages, etc. In "Never" view, I have all of my editing features but the page is black. Is there a setting I am overlooking? I tried converting to PDF/A but that did not help, I loose the forms tool in all views. HELP, Love, a long-time Adobe user since 1986.

Kevin Hersh

1 Answer

The PDF/A is an ISO standardized version that acts as an archive format. This format allows comments and form fields with data. But because this file is considered "Archived" is not subject to modification. And that includes add or modify comments and charging form field contents.

As to the black page, you may need to set your application's user preference to show large images.

There are several updates for version 8 after version 8.1.2. The last update is version 8.3.1.

George Kaiser   

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