I am looking for a javascript file that will allow me to insert the file name of a document into the footer. Does

I am an absolute Java novice, so any script I can copy will help immensely. Thanks in advance.

Diana Matchett

3 Answers

You can use something like this:

cText: this.documentFileName,
nHorizAlign: app.constants.align.center,
nVertAlign: app.constants.align.bottom,
nVertValue: 24,
nFontSize: 10

For more info, look up the addWatermarkFromText method in the reference files.

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Gilad D (try67)   

Hi Diana,

If you have Acrobat X or XI Pro you can use the "File Name Stamper" Action from the Actions Exchange at this site ( see the menu "Exchange" in the top menu on this page, then go to Actions Exchange to download it. Instructions on how to install and use the Action are in the PDF.


Hope this helps,

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Dimitri Munkirs   

To clarify, we are using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.

Diana Matchett   

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