I get an error message when trying to create a watermark in my Adobe X Pro PDF

I am trying to add a watermark to my PDF, and I am getting the error message "An error was encountered while retrieving page content."

I am using Windows 7, and Adobe X Pro. I checked for updates, and both are up to date.

I can add the watermark on some PDF's, but not this one. Does it have to do with Java Script maybe? Please help!!

Katie Humphries

2 Answers

run ocr and recognise text ans save
after this add watermark.


You may have a corrupt PDF. If so there is little that you can do.
A thread at the Acrobat user-2-user forum discusses the possibility of repairing a damaged PDF.


n.b., If a PDF has renderable text (e.g., the PDF is the output from some authoring application) then one cannot 'OCR' the PDF.

Be well...

David Austin   

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