I get error message: The disk you were saving to is full.

When I attempt to save a PDF file, I receive this message: The disk you were saving to the disk used for temporary files is full. Free some space on this disk and try again, save to a different disk."

Paul Cooper

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Some options:
Clean out the temp files' directory.
Check the available space on the HDD. Windows needs something like 15% free space to do its thing.
Uninstall 'stuff' that isn't used but sucks up space.
Install a second HDD.
Use a USB HDD to store applications' files.
If the drive is on a network check your space allotment. You may need to purge some stuff.

By David Austin   

Your computer is most likely a Windows computer judging from your error message. Windows has several different areas it stores its temporary files (these are like scratch paper for doing computations). Good applications cleanup from themselves and delete their temporary files, when they are done with them. However, not all applications are so nice. You can look for temp folders off your root director (most likely c:/) and also in your own Document and Settings folder. You can select the files in these folders and delete them. Any temp files being used in these folder will not be deleted.

Michael Kazlow   

In addition to the above advice, something which often gets forgotten: Empty the trash basket.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

I have started receiving this same message after my adobe reader updated to Adober 10.0, also called adobe X, I have followed the suggestions but still cannot save a pdf file. Any more suggestions out there... really think this is a Adobe 10.0 issue.... never had this before I updated from Adobe 9.0 yesterday.

Jacci Anders   

Go to the top left of your webpage Where it says File. Click drop down menu. Click Save Page As. choose where you want to save it. Save it.

You should retain the file you were trying to save through the PDF system.

Telly F.   

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