I need to efile my court forms, but cant figure out why the system tells me "printed but not efilrd"! Help??!!

Ive completed every step that i was told to do, and followed intstructions to print & efile my forms, BUT, it keeps coming back saying, "Printed but not efiled". I go back to make sure all is correct,and am told its all correct and complete and sends me back around, and its repeat of the same thing! Ive got the Adobe Acrobate Reader etc., but i am obviously doing something wrong! i am pretty illiterate with computers, so talk dumb to me, please?! TY

marla roach

2 Answers

We do not understand or know what steps you completed or need to complete.

Can you link us to your instructons?

Since this is posting to a court system we can not send test documents. You may need to contact the web master you are submitting the documents to. The web site might not have the most current instructions.

George Kaiser   

using the i-can legal forms, efilin link for orange county,calfornia

marla roach   

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