I have downloaded a Pdf file. I am unable to add information such as name, address, etc. How do I do that?

I have downloaded a pdf file, an employment application. I attempted to input data but I am unable to do so. What is the problem?

Brian Ahearn

2 Answers

Does the application have form fields and not just a open space for the data?

What product and version are you using?

Many paper forms are converted to scanned image or text content document without any form field objects. If the PDF is not protected from editing, secured, one with any version of Acrobat could add form form fields or use the typewriter annotation tool to complete the application. Users with Reader XI and a none secured PDF could use the typewriter annotaion tool to complete the form.

If the form is secured, then you will need to make a hard copy print of the form and use a pen or typewriter to complete the paper form.

George Kaiser   

Very difficult to say without seeing the file or having more information.

It could be that the creator of the file didn't actually add form fields to it. In that case you can use the Add Text tool in Acrobat to just enter your text anywhere.


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