I am having difficulty with some setItems statements.

Virtually, everything depends on the selections for the semester hours (“FallHrs”,” SpringHrs”,” SummerHrs”).

The “Semesters1,2,3” dropdowns populate semester names based on the (“FallHrs”,” SpringHrs”,” SummerHrs”) dropdown boxes, set as Custom Calculation Scripts.

The “GLS1,2,3Amount” dropdowns populate the dollar amounts based on the “Semesters1,2,3” dropdown boxes, set as Custom Calculation Scripts.

My problem is that, as a Custom Calculation Script, everything populates just fine EXCEPT that when you click on any of the “Semesters1,2,3” selections (and the “GLS1,2,3Amount” selections), the visibly-defaulted option overrides the clicked selection and effectively resets where nothing propagates thereafter.

I notice that if I run the (“FallHrs”,” SpringHrs”,” SummerHrs”) scripts as a Custom VALIDATION script, then the “Semesters” options work good where the selected option does not get reset back to default.

However, doing the VALIDATION routine cause havoc with the semester HOURS dropdowns and nothing seems to work real-time, regardless that the Field calculation order is properly setup.

It is obvious that I do not understand something fundamental therefore; I am reaching out to those who may be able to help me understand JavaScript a little better as I delve into the beginner-newbie learning world of things.

I am attaching a sample file and hope that someone can educate me on where I am blundering. Thanks in advance!


John Forest

1 Answer

A custom calculation runs every time ANY field value changes. A custom validation script only runs when the field it is part of changes value. I sounds like you could probably use a custom keystroke script. This script runs when you have user interaction with the field it is part of. We would need more specific information, including scripts, if you require more help. I hope this helps.

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David Dagley   

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