I have created a form using Abobe 9 Standard. How do I make multiple line fields. Is there a merge function?

I created a form with multiple blank lines. When the form was created using the Adobe software each line is a separate field wherein when you get to the end of the line the text does not roll over to the next line. I want to text to continue rolling over into the next line just if if you were typing in a word document.

Wayne Kendall

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Use a single text field, set the multiline option to true, and "scroll long text" to false.

By Gilad D (try67)   

Unless you really need to put your text on these lines, there is no real need to use them. These lines are good guides for handwriting, but if the form gets filled out on screen, it is actually possible to have a smaller distance between the lines than for filling out by hand.

So, you could use one single field for that filling out area, and make this field multiline. Then you would add the following script to the Format event of the field:

if (event.value.toString().length > 0) {
event.target.fillColor = color.white ;
} else {
event.target.fillColor = color.transparent ;

This script would make the background of the field white, if the field has some contents, and with that cover up the writing lines. Otherwise, it would be transparent, and let the writing lines be visible, still giving you the possibility to fill out the form by hand.

Hope this can help

Max Wyss   

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