I need some advanced form help...need to allow form fill-in AFTER a signature is placed on a document...

More accuratly, I have a document with multiple form fields, as well as multiple signature fields. The way I need to use this is:
The document is sent to one person in a chain...they use the form fields to enter their data, sign at the end of their section (which ideally then locks that section from any more edits), then pass it along to the next person in the chain, who does the same thing in another section, then passes it on to the next...etc, etc...
Is it possible to "group" form fields with a signature (or signatures) so that when a particular signature field is signed it locks a group of form fields, but allows other fields to still be used and signed?

Roy Beck

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yes, this can be done as i use that method for our company appraisal scheme.

what yoy need to do is go into the signature properties box, by double clicking it with the select tool, when properties are open, select the signed tab on the right, then select the 2nd option, mark fields as read only,then choose just this fields, then click pick and select your fields you want to lock.
then repeat with all signature fields.

hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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