I need adobe reader XI version 11.0.5 to download turbo tax in a .pdf

there are no more details. turbo won't print out my 2015 tax returns. I don't why but they did in the past. Please help. I'm totally done with Turbo Tax. Alice Friel [ Admin: email address and phone number removed ]

Alice Friel

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Do you have Reader installed? If so, the following may apply:

Are you using Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge to access the PDF file? These browsers come with their own PDF viewer and it is possible that the Turbo Tax site does not recognize that you have Reader installed.

Only FireFox allows you to turn this internal PDF viewer off. See here for more information:


If you don't have Reader installed, you can download it from here: http://get.adobe.com/reader

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Karl Heinz Kremer   

Chrome also allows you to disable their nefarious internal PDF viewer...

Settings --> Advanced Settigngs (at the bottom)
Privacy (section) 'Content Settings...' (button)
Plugins -> Manage individual plugins
Disable "Chrome PDF Viewer"

That *should* do it... but you may need to reset the application\PDF MIME type.

Now that Apache PDFBox has hit 2.0.0 (https://pdfbox.apache.org/) maybe Google, Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft, etc. will finally be able to properly support various PDF items that have been in the spec for 15+ years... IDK like forms... I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks - Doug

Douglas Hanna   


Direct Download Links for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro/Standard + Reader: http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-acrobat-xi-pro-standard-reader-direct-download-links.html

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