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We have a user who is trying to create a distributed email form using Acrobat Pro XI on a Windows 7 machine. Some of the files have no problems, but maybe half give him an error message - A file i/O error has occurred - that is all the message says. Other staff can take the same file and convert it with no issues. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but nothing has helped. Tried chatting with Adobe and that was a waste of time.

Kathleen Bretschneider

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You might try seeing if the issue is somehow related to Protected View by temporarily it off for "All Files" under Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced.

By Lori Kassuba   

I associate I/O errors with the operating system. Does this occur when distributing from a particular location like a network drive?

Lori Kassuba   

The issue occurs for items on the network as well as items on the desktop.

Kathleen Bretschneider   

Thank you Lori! That seems to have worked.

Kathleen Bretschneider   

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