I currently use Adobe Capture Cluster Edition to process documents. Can Adobe Acrobat Pro X do the same things as

I can get Adobe Acrobat Cluster Edition to convert documents to .pdf with OCR and automatically rename them into a chosen folder based on a naming convention of my choice. This process is automated so the user does not have to interact once the scanning from flatbed process has started.

Can Adobe Acrobat Pro X do the same thing?

Chris Colbourne

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Acrobat can perform some but not all of the things Capture Cluster is capabable of. Doing these would involve use of Acrobat's OCR and Actions.

With that said there is much that Acrobat cannot do that Capture Cluster can/could. Gotta say a co-worker and I have made very good use of Capture Cluster over the years. But, what with OS upgrades and computer change outs we won't be able to make use of it going forward. Adobe got out of the server oriented OCR application business. For unattended OCR of department grade (or better) scanners you need to use a server based solution.
Remember, Acrobat by design and by EULA is a desktop application that expects user involvement and in some processes requires it.

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David Austin   

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