How to insert a pdf file in to a word document ?

Hello, Recently i had to take a few pages out of a pdf file and put them in to a word document then i needed to send it to a client , anybody can explain how to do it ? thanks

shivayogi kallur

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I would try to convert the PDF file to a Word file using Adobe Acrobat XI (File>Save As Other>MS Word). If this conversion is going well, you have Word pages that you insert into another Word document.

You can also copy&paste from your PDF file into the Word document.

If you want the actual PDF in your document, select Insert>Object>Adobe Acrobat Document - then select the PDF fiel you want to insert. If it's just a subset of pages from a document, you may want to extract those pages (using Acrobat) into a new document first, and then insert that new file into your Word document.

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