How do you straighten a page in adobe acrobat X pro?

I just upgraded to X and various features are renamed.
Is there a definition section somewhere?
I used to be able to straighten a page but I don't know where to find it in this version.
Any help would be appreciated.

Nancy Waltke

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You can use the "Action Wizard" panel of the "Tools" toolbar to perform optimizations on PDF files, including the "Optimize Scanned Document" function, which deskews scanned PDF documents. I hope I explained myself well enough :)

By Daniel Sutton   

Hi Nancy,

Are you referring to the deskew feature when you scan to PDF? I don't remember it being called a straighten feature but Adobe does change feature names on a regular basis. If it is deskew after a scan to PDf that is located under File-Create PDF from Scan- Preconfigure settings ( my wording might not be exact but shold be close enough for you to find it).

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

The page being already scanned, a solution is to run OCR on it with Acrobat. It automatically deskews your page.Hope this helps.

Leonel Coelho   

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