How do you remove underlines from links?

How do you remove underlines and colors from links in Adobe Acrobat X Pro? I moved the links in the paragraph but the underlines stayed where they were. I cannot select or grab them when I use the edit object tool.

Cari Sulivan

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Acrobat treats link underlines as artifacts, so do this to get rid of them:

1. Click on Tools (on the upper right-hand corner of the screen).
2. Expand the Content menu, and select "Edit Object".
3. Right-click anywhere on your document, and select "Find..."
4. The "Find Element" pop-up will display.
5. Ensure "Artifacts" in the "Find:" field, and "Search Page" radio buttons are selected, then press the "Find" button.
6. Find your underlined link in the page. It should be selected (light blue glow surrounding it). Click on the underline and drag it away from your hyperlink.
7. Right-click on it, and select "Delete" from the list of options. Your hyperlink should no longer be underlined after that.

Note that with these instructions, you can also modify the underline to be shorter, longer, etc. I know this answer is late, but I was looking for the answer myself online and didn't find anything. It wasn't until I started playing with Acrobat Pro and realized that the underlines were an artifact that I was able to think of this problem from a new perspective. Perhaps now, when someone runs into the same problem, at least now there'll be a solution. :)

By Ada Rijo   

The underlines come from the authoring file.
Return to that file and configure the authoring application to not place the underline.

If the authoring file is not available you could use Acrobat's Redaction tool to remove the underline(s). A little awkward but doable.

Be well...

David Austin   

David, how can I remove the underline in hyperlinks using the "Search & Remove Text" tool, i.e., a regular expression? I can manually remove an underline using the "Content Editing" > "Format" tool, but how can that be coded using the "Search & Remove Text"'s tool's regular expression?

Volker Kleinhenz   

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