How do you remove a signature field from a document after it has been cleared?

If there are changes to a document after there have been signatures, I'm finding that all signatures need to be removed before the changes can occur. I need to know how to "delete" the signature field (one or many), not just clear it.



Karyn Dawes

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Not sure if you have answered this yet,but if you are not restricted by security you can chose the Select Object tool in the Content tab on the right hand side. Select the signature field and press delete

Hope that helps?


By Sean Mitchell   

Hey Karyn,

In case you have the rights to edit that pdf file, in that case you can remove the signature fields by taking the pdf in the form editing mode.
In order to do that check the help files which can be accessed from within the acrobat help menu.

And it is always recommened that whenever we are applying signatures on a pdf file, always keep a backup of the original file with a different name or at a different location.


veer singh   

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