How to prevent adobe X reader forms from opening in "Read Only" mode when inserting a digital signature

When opening an Adobe form using Adobe Acrobat Reader and inserting a digital signature, some times when the form is saved (in order to insert the signature), a "Read Only" notification is given. When this happens the file name has to be changed before the form is saved and the signature is inserted. When it doesn't happen you can click on Save and then quickly click again on Save As without the need to change the file name. How do you avoid getting a Read Only notification when inserting a digital signature?

I've not been able to determine if this is a form issue, Adobe Reader version difference, or operating system difference.

Randy Moore

1 Answer

This could be related to security. Does this problem seem to occur in Reader 10.1 or later when you open a form from a network location? If so, try adding the network location under Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) and add it to the Privileged Locations area.

Lori Kassuba   

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