How to move sticky note icons across multiple pages

I have PDFs with speaker notes imported as a comment or sticky note. This icon appears in the upper left corner of the PDF (16:9 format in ppt/13.33 x 7.50 inches PDF). Is there a way to move it to the right side of the screen on all pages? I know how to move them manually through the properties but would like to automate so the position is consistent on all pages (and on the right).

Anne Matthews

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Yes, you can do that. Take a look at the API documentation for the annotation object:

The following code will take all annotations and change their rect property so that they are closer to the right edge of your page. Depending on how far you want to move them, just adjust the JavaScript:

var a = this.getAnnots();
for (var i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
    var r = a[i].rect;
    var w = r[2] - r[0];

    r[0] = 500;  // place the annotation at 500pt from the left edge
    r[2] = 500 + w;
    a[i].rect = r;

You can of course use the width of the page to place the annotations, the process would be the same.

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